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The goal of HOJAR PRECISION is to bring to the marketplace unique,reliable, and cost effective products

Manufacturer and Sale of Connectors

We have facilities and resources available to meet all of your OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) / ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) needs including  Board  To  Board 、 Wire  To  Board、 certifications。 

Our products can be customized upon request with your logos and packaging,Please contact us for additional information,customizing and pricing for our products for the OEM / ODM marketplace。


5F, 40-7, Chung Cheng E. Road, Tamshui, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C

Factory in Taiwan

Major Products:

Connector Manufacturer AND Other OEM/ODM connector products.

  Board To Board Connector : 排針  ( PIN  HEADER )

                                                   排母  ( FEMALE  HEADER )

                                                   單排公座 ( SINGLE  ROW  MALE  )

                                                   單排母座 ( SINGLE  ROW  FEMALE  )

                                                   雙排公座  ( DOUBLE  ROW  MALE )

                                                   雙排母座  ( DOUBLE   ROW  FEMALE  )

                                                   簡易牛角  ( BOX  HEADER )

  Wire To Board Connector : FPC / FFC Connector

                                                  Wafer Connector

  I/O Connector : USB Connector

                                D-SUB Connector

                                Mini Jump Connector

                                Mini Din Connector

  Memory Card Connector : CF Code Connector

                                               SD Code Connector

                                               PLCC Connector

Office Map

5F, 40-7, Chung Cheng E. Road, Tamshui, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C